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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  January 19, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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bottom corner of your screen. we are hours away from what could be the first government shutdown in four years. the countdown is on. fewer than nine hours remain, to get some sort of deal done. and for about an hour today, the president did meet with the leader of the senate democrats, chuck schumer. there's the senator just leaving the meeting moments ago. this is what he had to say about it. >> i'm going to be brief. i'm not going to answer any questions. we had a long and detailed meeting. we discussed all of the major outstanding issues. we made some progress. we still have a good number of disagreements. the discussions will continue. thank you. >> are you going to shut down tonight? >> if the government does run out of money at midnight tonight, it will fall on the one-year anniversary of president trump's inauguration. so, what's the chance of that? we'll give you the shruggy
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emoji, because we don't know. nobody knows what's going to happen next. the blame game is in fever pitch. phil mattingly has been in the thick of all of it. we got like a 20-second sound bite from the democratic leader there, senator schumer. do we know anything more? >> first of all, that's a very strong full-screen emoji game there, brooke. >> you like had an? >> well done on your part. here is what we know right now. in the senate there's not the votes to move the bill passed. they very clearly don't have the votes. 90-minute meeting with democratic chuck schumer. you heard what he had to say. here is what's happening behind the scenes. senator shum ser meeting in his office with house democratic leader nancy pelosi and dick r durbin, briefing on how the meeting went. as you heard from senator schumer, there are still several
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outstanding issues but those issues were discussed. how things stand in terms of the state of play will turn largely on where the president s here is why. republicans, they are dug in. they have made very clear, leadership aides i've talked to over the last 24 hours or so, there is a house passed bill. that's the option on the table. there's no negotiating, no plan to bridge the divide with democrats, no plan to take up any type of not fully formed daca resolution at this point. that's what they want to move forward with. i'm told before the meeting with senator schumer, the white house told republican leaders that the meeting was going to happen. during the meeting with senator schumer, white house officials reached ut to capitol hill officials, republicans and their allies and made sure that they knew that no deal would be cut. after the meeting, they reached out again and informed them that no deal had been cut. why would they be doing all this? to be honest i spoke with a number of republican senators who are a little worried about senator schumer meeting one on one with the president, worried that a deal might be cut, and
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worried that things might head toward the democratic direction. republicans are still very in line with the white house, everyone is still on page and the short-term spending bill is the plan going forward. that said we know they don't have the votes. obviously something needs to change in the dynamic. the real question right now on capitol hill, as senator schumer greets his top leaders behind closed doors is how does that dynamic shift? is there an ask that the democrats put on the table that the president is willing to accept and go back to republican leaders? if not we are very clearly headed for a protracted shutdown vote. that's what we're waiting to see. that's what we're waiting to hear about. i think the big question on everybody's mind right now is can president trump jar something loose that at this point on capitol hill simply doesn't exist? the answer to that question, brooke, will determine whether the government shuts down at midnight tonight or not. >> phil mattingly, thank you. you could have a long night ahead of you, as well as these members of congress. you keep us posted. meantime, republican senator from louisiana, bill cassidy, is
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with me now. senator cassidy, pleasure. you've got a lot going on, sir. thanks for taking a minute with us. >> thank you for having me, brooke. >> let's begin with this senator schumer, president trump meeting. what do you know about that meet ing, senator? >> only what i just heard from your clip, that they met. i think it's pretty straightforward. if there's a deal to be had and the deal is fund the government till february 16th and reauthorize chip c.h.i.p. for six years. and fund the military, et cetera. there's a deal to be had. >> was it worrisome at all to you, as a republican, that there was not a republican in that room? >> there was a republican, president trump. but more importantly -- >> well, senator, we remember that bipartisan meeting last week when the president said daca first and kevin mccarthy had to say, hang on, mr. president.
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you want that full-throttle border security as well. >> as long as you mention that, there is the presence of both the republican house and the republican senate. they are in the room knowing that whatever is struck has to be approved by them. frankly, i'm concerned more right now about not daca, which is important, but not due till march 5th. i'm more concerns about children's health insurance program not running out this weekend. in my state, i'm told, they're beginning to shut the program down so that those children who depend upon c.h.i.p. will have it on monday. that's what i'm concerned about. the daca deal can be worked out. what's important is keeping the government open, keeping c.h.i.p. going, reportedly the common ground between republicans and democrats, that's the deal to be had. >> so you're a yes, senator cassidy, on this bill? so given that fact i know you're calling lindsey graham. he is the no vote. as a republican, because he's essentially saying this extends the chaos.
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and so with voting yes, senator -- and i hear you on the c.h.i.p. and 9 million kids but then aren't you complicit on kicking the can down the road another 30 days? >> c.h. incht p. would be authorized another 60 years. that is a long-term reauthorization. >> politics is about the art of the possible. the reality is that there's not a final deal that would be available by midnight tonight. there's just not. on the other hand -- >> who is to blame for that? >> we can actually -- we can talk about who is to blame and who is not. i'm a physician. if i know that someone is having a problem, i don't say oh, my gosh, you should have done this, you should have done that. i say what is possible? we can accomplish this. we're going to accomplish it, because it gets us to the next step. that's what we have before us. are we going to reauthorize c.h.i.p. so kids don't start losing insurance monday or sunday even and are we going to
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keep the government open? that is before us. we can talk about theatrical possibility. >> i'm not talking theatrical. i'm just saying 87% of americans believe that these d.r.e.a.m.ers should be protected and a lot of americans are wondering if you all will be doing the right thing. >> that's a very important issue. and it's due march 5th. if you want to move it up now when it actually will end up causing american kids from losing their insurance, the number 9 million, in my state i'm told they're already shutting the program down because they're out of money. if you want to say it has to be done, even though the deadline is march 5th woorks ergoing to shut the government down now and meanwhile 9 million kids lose their insurance. >> i hear you on c.h.i.p., but the issue on d.r.e.a.m.ers is an issue that millions of americans care about, including yourself and there are a number of republicans like lindsey graham or mitch mcconnell, who say i have no idea where the president stands on daca.
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do you know where the president stands on daca? >> the president and clearly if they get border security, there would be a deal to be had on daca. i will come back to this, brooke. >> but senator -- >> my concern is do you want 9 million kids to lose their insurance on monday? >> do you know where the president stands on daca? >> and so -- >> i hear you on the 9 million kids. the question is about daca. >> that's not due till march 5g9. >> do you know where your president stands on that? but i'm asking the question right now. >> if you want to decide where the party is on daca, we don't know that. >> shouldn't you know? isn't that a problem if you don't where the party is on daca? >> no. that's what i'll come back to, politics is the art of the possible. we can speak about the theatrical. until we know what democrats will give on border security then we'll see what republicans will do elsewhere. what is most important right now
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is 9 million kids losing their insurance. and democrats are going to vote that they lose their insurance. daca is due march 5th. the deadline for c.h.i.p. is today. >> i know, senator. >> let's take that which is before us. >> i can feel the collective american consciousness wanting to pull their hair out overall of this. and i'm sure you all do as well. i don't want to talk any more about the blame game because everyone is doing this. let me ask you this. if the government does shut down for some time, you know how this plays out, right? there are people who won't get paid. military, border patrol agents, 850,000 federal workers. but it is written into law that you and your colleagues on the hill will collect a paycheck. senator cassidy, is that fair? do you think you should be paid? >> you know, first of all, i'm not familiar with that. secondly -- >> hang on a second. how are you not familiar with this law that says you guys get
12:10 pm
paid when other folks don't? >> i don't care. that goes with the territory. that doesn't bother me at all. but let me reassure you -- >> it doesn't bother you getting paid? i just want to make sure i'm clear. >> if the government shuts down and the american -- the federal workers aren't paid, that will be the democrats' choice. if it turns out that senators don't get paid, i don't get paid. but the military will stay on duty. you do point out the importance of this. shutting the government down is not something idle. it's something that does affect services rendered. that's why democrats should support keeping the government open. >> senator bill cassidy, appreciate the healthy conversation. good luck. good luck today. we have some news in from the counselor to the president, kellyanne conway. >> we certainly hope they can get it together.
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our military workers and government workers deserve it, and spouses and those c.h.i.p. recipients. that's what leadership looks like, the president inviting both parties again and again to the white house to discuss matters. >> with me now, gloria borger. what are you thinking? >> there's an awful lot of talk about the children's health insurance program. this is a program that could have been reauthorized any time. and i spoke with a senate democratic leadership aide who said to me this morning -- and i think it's a legitimate point. it's nice the republicans have discovered c.h.i.p. they could have reauthorized it. they let it expire under their watch. now, republicans will say, well, it passed the house but didn't go anywhere in the senate. yes, it did not get reauthorized. what we are seeing here is c.h.i.p. being used as a chip, as a bargaining chip.
12:12 pm
this is children's health. this could have been reauthorized at any time. >> right. >> not just now in the 11th hour. >> we know that's the issue for republicans. and senator cassidy it's about democrats holding it up. >> now republicans have made it part of this continuing resolution as a way to get democrats to do this because they know how important this is to democrats. and, you know, it's a little bit cynical, as is all of this, i would argue. that's my first point. suddenly everybody is concerned about chip. it was up for renewal. now you have a six-year renewal in this. the question from the democratic side is, well, i know they want to keep the pressure on. i have spoken with someone in leadership in schumer's circle who said to me, look, if we just passed a month-long thing, the
12:13 pm
air would go out of the balloon. we've got to keep the pressure on here. we know what we have to do on daca. we can work it out. i think that's why you hear the president saying, okay, you guys go work that out. however, we've heard that before from the president. he said i'll take the heat. you work it out. whatever you bring me, i'll sign. not so much. >> that was two days ago, which feels like a forever ago. we're at such different speeds right now. >> yes. >> to the president's credit, asking his old friend, chuck schumer, from new york, who he's come up with nicknames for him and whatnot since then. crying chuck, schumer clown, whatever it was. theye comes to the white house. they have a conversation. you see a quick clip, we talked about everything. some progress was made but still a ways to go. paraphrasing. what's your read on all of that? >> chuck schumer came in with a bill of particulars, went over chapter and verse with the president. i guarantee you, kelly was there. >> general kelly?
12:14 pm
>> general kelly was there, who doesn't agree with schumer on a lot of stuff regarding borders and daca. and i guarantee you that the white house did not allow the president to agree to anything until taking it back to republicans. but i think schumer made his points and said this is what we're going to do and try to get some indication, i would think, from the president about what he would agree to. doesn't sound like he got that. >> no deal was made. >> and if i were mitch mcconnell, i would be happy about that. because he doesn't want the president negotiating. although mitch mcconnell, you recall -- when was that, a day or so said -- >> i don't know where the president is on d.r.e.a.m.ers. >> exactly. >> which trump wouldn't like very much. >> it would be useful, actually, if the president did become a negotiator and did say, this is what i will accept and this is what i won't accept. and figure out where they can -- lead the negotiation.
12:15 pm
as lindsey graham has said to trump, you've got to close the deal here. >> do the deal, mr. president. >> right. >> do the deal. gloria borger, thank you very much. >> sure. >> next here, this looming government shutdown could impact this year's deadly flu crisis. one california county 142 people have already died from the flu. also ahead, new report details the lengths the president's lawyer allegedly went through to pay this former porn star to be quiet weeks before the 2016 election concerns an alleged affair. stay with me.
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>> we are back here live in washed. i'm brooke baldwin. personal lawyer used a fake name and private company to essentially pay hush money to a porn star to keep quiet about
12:20 pm
her alleged affair. then wall street journal is reporting that this actress who calls herself stormy daniels, was paid $130,000 as part of this nondisclosure agreement concerning her relationship with donald trump. trump had been married, at that time married to the now first lady melania trump for a year. michael rothfederal, good to see you. let's peel back some of the layers here. talk to me about this llc in delaware, of all places, where michael cohen apparently used to make said payments to a woman and using pseudonyms. >> he created a company called essential consultants llc.
12:21 pm
he called them magazine dog cab company and things like that. that was an essential matter apparently right before the election and meant, in part, to keep this distant from him so his name wouldn't be on the payment. he create this had company and used the bank company linked to that company to send money to stephanie cliffords attorney. >> tell me about the state's laws. >> delaware is an easy place to set up a company for a one-time deal. the state doesn't require you to name the owner or the manager of the company. so, generally speaking, it's hard to find out who is behind a company. in this case had you done an online search you would not have seen michael cohen's name because we were able to get the formation papers and saw his name on the formation papers which he chose to put on there. >> in reading your latest piece, the back and forth that you've
12:22 pm
had with michael cohen vehementally denying that this ever took place. yet when you asked about this llc, from what i could read, he didn't deny, he didn't say no. >> no. he didn't really address it at all. we sent him a list of questions and spoke to him on the phone and he didn't really deny that at all. nor has he confirmed it. >> might there be llcs? >> there might be. he ended up canceling one and doing this one instead. there might be more out there. >> michael rothfeld with "the wall street journal," thank you for coming on. >> thank you, brooke. conservatives over this story here on this porn star, alleged affair. it's actually pretty tough to find. so, why are they shrugging it off? we'll discuss.
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yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. new reporting on the links ta taken on the alleged affair with the porn star quiet. used a pseudonym to pay this hush money. with me now, jason candor. former secretary of state. gentlemen, thanks for being with me. ben ferguson, for what we can tell, conservatives are kind of,
12:28 pm
meh, over all this. what's with the shrug off? >> i don't think it's a shrug off in that people don't care. i didn't know this information before i voted for him. i think he's the president now he's doing a good job so move on. there are a lot of other conservatives -- >> wait, whoa, whoa, whoa. where are the folks in the evangelical community? >> sure. let me finish. others called into my show yesterday and we talked about this and said this does matter to me. this is a big deal. this is exactly what conservatives are supposed to be standing against and saying no. some said they felt like they had been clearly mislead or even lied to about this issue and it would have changed their vote, certainly, in a primary if this information would have been in there. some said it would have changed their opinion in a general election. but overall, a lot of people were saying we just doen know what the real facts are here yet. there are a lot of people saying
12:29 pm
a lot of things. let's see how it plays out and i care more about the government shutdown than i do about this issue with stormy daniels today. >> what do you think of his point? government shutdown is numero uno and the fact that the president is doing a good job? >> i could agree halfway. don't think the president is doing a good job and that's largely why we're facing a government shutdown. when it comes to the topic we're all here to discuss, i would prefer not to have to care about this. frankly, in any other environment, i would just say, look, this is between the president and his family, it's a private matter. and that's pretty much how i feel. what bothers me about this is how consistent this is with the way he's governed. here is what i mean. his whole pattern that we've seen over the last year is this. something happens and the first thing he does is he lies about it. after that, he blames somebody else. and the entire m.o. of the trump administration so far has been get to tomorrow. that seems to be their operating
12:30 pm
slogan. get to tomorrow. what we're seeing with the shutdown is what happens when you actually run out of those tomorrows. that's how consistent this is. >> it's all about today. do you want to respond to that, all about tomorrow? >> i think them getting to tomorrow is absurd. the government shutdown, a lot of people knew this was going to be an issue all year long when we kept having these crs. we know that democrats have been putting out information. they're proud of the fact that they basically have the votes to shut down the government. that's what they said earlier today, we have the votes to shut it down, to force this shutdown, and they're active ly, i think, campaigning for that right now, hoping it hurts the president. i think the sad part is that this actually affects average americans and, look, congress is, at some point -- this is outside even the white house. congress is clearly a dysfunctional body that the majority of americans hate. that's why their approval rate something barely ever above 10%. they all play games. they all say one thing six month ago and three days ago it changes and now it's something different. do your job.
12:31 pm
that's probably the reason why a lot of people are not paying attention, honestly or really say how does this issue with a payment going to stormy affect my life when the government is about to shut down? how is it that the democrats are standing up for illegal immigrants more than they're standing up for citizens with a government shutdown? that's a bigger issue. >> let's talk schumer, jason. this is my last question to you. in this whole chuck shchumer, senator schumer, president trump meeting, where do you think senator schumer is willing to bend or to compromise? >> i'm not going to get inside senator schumer's head. what's pretty clear, i think, is that president trump can't be trusted. that's what's so frustrating about this, that his word doesn't seem to mean much. just, what, about a week ago, two weeks ago -- >> what about the democrats? >> one party controls
12:32 pm
everything. they control both houses of congress and they control the presidency. and never before has a shutdown happened when that's the case. you can't have control of the entire government. and then when the doors aren't open say it's somebody else's fault. american people say right past that. >> we can't be that naive. you should know how the senate numbers work, sir. democrats have the ability to shut down the government. let me finish. let me finish. let me finish. you know how thin the margin is right there right now. you know that for a government shutdown, democrats have to compromise. they're actively campaigning right now to shut down the government and they're proud of it. >> no, they're not. >> you can't say that's a republican fault. >> absolutely. >> advocating for it right now. >> wait a second. >> respond and then we've got to go. >> the entire country knows whose fault this is and who to blame for it. if you can't get 50 votes when you control the senate, to blame anybody else is ridiculous. to call it a compromise when you
12:33 pm
say doing everything we tell you to do, period, that's not a compromise. >> that's not what the president said. that's not what the leadership said. >> this just a conversation between the two of you on national tv. can you imagine the conversations happening on capitol hill today? my goodness. ben ferguson, jason kandor, thank you very much. the countdown clock is on, 8:27 to go. news just in from the cdc, flu cases in the u.s. are getting worse by the day. we'll take you to california next, where health officials have been forced to set up tents. look at that -- to help care for the scourge of flu patients. you do all this research
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elected officials are on the senate floor right now with how to avoid a shutdown. after the house voted to avert the shutdown last night the senate got to work. so, we went back through all the raw tapes, capture the small, crucial exchanges that brought
12:38 pm
us here to the 11th hour. ted cruz spotted on a one-on-one chat. no dr. seuss readings here, we presume. the night begins more friendly than tense. for now, the chamber divided. democrats deep in conversation while republicans, jon cornyn and tom cotton, having their own pensive powwow. republican pat roberts makes a swiping motion to lisa murkowski, all while mcconnell, obviously, eager for a vote. what's this? a bipartisan crossover, republicans jeff flake and ben sasse pay a quick visit to schumer while bernie sanders packing a punch with his message. >> are there any sanders in the chamber wishing to vote or
12:39 pm
change their vote? >> i ask for ten minutes of debate splt debates began. >> i'm not trying to play for political points. even false ones. >> schumer addressing mcconnell directly while mcconnell, he's only speaking to republicans. >> if you want to know the urgency, look into the gallery behind me. >> mcconnell attempts to add swrurn. >> unanimous to adjourn-to-until 11:00 a.m. friday january 19th. is there an objection? >> i object. i object. >> objection is heard. >> i don't know why we're adjourning when we're in this urgent situation. we could vote tonight on cloture and have an entire day to work on this matter. >> will this procession proceed past midnight? whatever the decisions, dems seem proud, round of handshakes, pats on the back. durbin with solidarity and then perhaps an olive branch from jeff flake. tim kaine gives his caucus a
12:40 pm
thumb's up. on the other side, republican marco rubio, is he ready to rumble? >> order in the chamber. >> debate will have to wait. members begin leaving, some with arms crossed but hopefully all with minds open. >> there you have it. now if the government shuts down, it couldn't come at a worst time for agencies overseeing public health. one of the deadliest flu outbreaks in recent memory. cdc center for disease control and national institutes of health could be forced to send thousands of workers home. our cnn senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen, you're live there in california where the flu is being blamed for the deaths of more than 100 people in one county alone. how are hospitals managing all of this? >> one of the ways they're handling this is building tents like the one i'm standing in right here.
12:41 pm
i'm at loma linda university in southern california. they've had so many people come in that a couple of weeks ago they set this tent up and the overflow from the e.r. comes in here. as far as people who are -- 20 to 30 patients in the hospital last year at any given time there were five or ten. you can see how severe this year has been. >> cannot believe the numbers and how this would then be affected potentially by the shutdown. just makes all of it that much more worse. elizabeth cohen in a tent, in a makeshift tent there in california. thank you. coming up next here, powerful army of survivors. those are the words of olympic gold medalist aly raisman as she praised dozens of women who have come forward. their emotional statements next.
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former usa gymnastics doctor larry nassar accused of sexually assaulting more than 100 gymnastics. the judge extended the witness statements to next week to allow all these women to speak. >> i was 14 years old i tore my hamstring in my right leg. this is when he started performing the procedure that we are all now familiar with. i would cringe at how uncomfortable it felt. he did it time after time,
12:47 pm
appointment after appointment, convinced me that it was helping my hamstring injury. and the worst part was i had no idea that he was sexually abusing me for his own benefit. who was the doctor that usaga sent to keep us healthy and get us through? the doctor that was our abuser. the doctor that is a child molester. i never accepted that i was abused. no one could help me figure out the why behind my symptoms. why was i so messed up? why couldn't i go a day without anxiety medication? why was i so emotional? why did i get angry? the abuse i suffered under the guise of treatment by larry nassar is my why. i have spent half of my life, my entire adult life clawing my way
12:48 pm
to the aftermath of being sexually abused. it seems just to me that larry nassar should spend the rest of his adult life locked away in a prison cell. >> you manipulated me into thinking you were the good guy and helping me while sexually abusing me, over and over and over for your own twisted sexual pleasure. you even had the audacity to abuse me in my room, in my own bed at the olympic games in sydney. you're a pathetic monster that is only sorry you got caught. we have a voice now. we have the power now. >> you made me believe that you were my friend. you deceived me. you manipulated me and you abused me. i truly believe that you are the spawn of satan. i knew that he had abused me. i reported it. michigan state university, the school i loved and trusted, had
12:49 pm
the audacity to tell me that i did not understand the difference between sexual assault and a medical procedure. i'm a middle school teacher and i teach 12, 13 and 14-year-old kids every day and every single day when i look at them, i am faced with the reality of how young and defenseless we were when larry molested us. >> we seek justice. we deserve justice and we will have it. i have decided to start living again. your actions have had me by the throat for years. and i am ready to be released by your clench. >> all these brave women have power and we will use our voices to make sure you get what you deserve, a life of suffering spent replaying the words delivered by this powerful army of survivors. >> just wanted to make sure all of you heard these women speak out. by the way, the judge tore into
12:50 pm
nasser over the letter he wrote ahead of sentencing that he wasn't sure he could mentally handle four days of these witness impact statements. >> you spent thousands of hours perpetrating criminal sexual conduct on minors. spending four or it is significantly minor considering the hours of pleasure you had at their expense. all need to say is i need help. and you will receive it. taxpayer dollars will be spent on your mental health. writing this mumbo jumbo. it doesn't help you, sir. >> more on breaking news. the president, the minority leader of the senate, hours to go before the government shuts down theful are they closer to a
12:51 pm
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so all you pay for is data. choose by the gig or unlimited. and ask how to get a $150 prepaid card when you buy a new lg x charge. it's a new kind of network designed to save you money. call, visit, or go to tomorrow marks one year since president trump took office and he is finishing his first year with the lowest rating of any first year president in decades. how do trump voters think he's done? bill weir visited one iowa town to find out. >> in monticello, they still wind the clock tower by hand. and still mix politics into their coffee.
12:56 pm
it is so great to sit at the table of knowledge in monticello. it is a tradition that goes back to truman. but no president has ever tested the limits of midwestern politeness like number 45. >> this county went for obama and then swung to trump. why? >> trump pulled the wool over their eyes and they have, his base has not recognized it yet. >> do you think virgil has been conned? do you think jerry has been bamboozled? >> they're so ingrained with the crotch grabbing liar. >> trump wasn't my first choice either. however, he's doing a hell of a good job. and he's playing three-level chess versus everybody else playing checkers. >> the one that support him are either greedy or bigots or they just don't see it yet. if the vote were taken today, i think it would be different. >> if it weren't for the electoral college, he wouldn't have won.
12:57 pm
[ laughter ] >> can you sing, too? >> we run 800 acres of corn and beans. and then we do bail some hay. our kids actually buy their own 4 h animals. they do the chores for them. >> that will teach them. >> yeah. >> at the adams over farm -- >> did you all vote for president trump? >> yes. >> they show little voter's remorse. >> i think he's doing a decent job. i think we need to give him a chance. >> he went to the american farm bureau federation meeting. i haven't seen that from other presidents. >> throughout our history, farmers have always, always, always led the way. >> those words played really well around here. but his actions could end up hurting these folks. his nominee for chief scientist at the department of agriculture
12:58 pm
wasn't a scientist and then got tangled in the mueller investigation. he scrammed an obama rule that would have protected small will family farms against big corporate meat packers and he is twlaeng keeps a lot of these farms alive. >> with nafta, that's another story. that does scare us pretty bad. >> you would go bankrupt. >> yes. >> i'm sure he has a plan feflt does pull out, i don't know what the plan is. >> somebody said this team needs to be called the pittsburgh of the prairie. because there are so many factories. >> and there are worries that the mom and pop of restaurant furnishings. >> we're hopeful as far as the tax reform. we're that's on give that. we have grave concerns about his actions verbally. >> like what? >> some of the statements that he makes.
12:59 pm
there's just a lot of disrespect for a large number of people. >> as a republican, he was worried about his grandchildren paying the national debt. it doesn't seem to make damn bit of difference anymore. >> we'll have to have another obama clean it up. >> and then we can double it again. >> but the prosperity now. >> oh, yeah. we'll give him all the credit for the stock market going up. you betcha. get your head out of your butt, man. >> is there a safe word when things get too heated? >> when is a good time cut your rose bushes? >> that's the safe word? >> i was worried. that's the safe word. >> so one year into trump, a state he won by almost 10 points, is producing a bumper crop of worry even among those who love him most.
1:00 pm
bill we're, cnn. mont mcclellan over, iowa. >> so great to hear from those iowans. make sure you watch trump's first year, reign of chaos. thanks for being with me. i'll be back tomorrow. one year since the inauguration. in the meantime, "the lead" starts now. this is cnn breaking news. >> welcome to the lead. we'll start with breaking news. we are less than eight flowers a federal government shutdown. as of now with even some republicans saying they'll vote against the funding bill, it is not clear that there are even 50 votes in the senate to avoid a shounl let alone the 60 needed. congressional negotiations are going on behind the scenes. hours ago, trump